How To Purchase Parts From An Auto Parts Supplier

Auto wreckers are your best bet when you need cheap used parts for your car. Some people experience problems when purchasing used parts from auto wreckers for the first time. However, this should not be the case after you read this guide. 

Inquire About The Availability Of The Part

Most wreckers will have a website or social media page bearing their contact information. Contact the wreckers and inquire about the availability of the part. Typically, you should send the OEM number to ensure the available part is compatible with your vehicle. Besides, you should inquire what is on sale. Some wreckers can dismantle parts and sell their components. For instance, if you need an electric window motor, the wrecker could sell the motor independently or compel you to purchase it alongside connecting components such as the switches and regulators. 

Understand The Terms Of Purchase 

Assess the wrecker's terms of sale. For instance, check whether the part is detached or attached in the vehicle. Some wreckers will ask you to remove the part. If this is the case, you will need power tools to remove the used part. Go with your mechanic if you do not have the skills and experience required to remove it. If you live far from the wrecker's premises, ask whether they could organise to have the part removed and sent to your location. Most wreckers will provide this service at an extra cost. Inquire about the availability of trade-in services. For example, you could want to trade in your junk car for parts or a newer car model. Reputable wreckers will give guarantees of the used parts. As such, they will give cash back or a replacement part if the part you purchase is dysfunctional. 

Assess The Part Before Purchase

Conduct some due diligence before buying the used part. For instance: 

  • Check the functionality of the part if the vehicle is running.
  • Check the mileage of the car to know how long the part has been in use. Low mileage parts last longer and do not require regular repairs.
  • Inquire if the part has been refurbished or serviced in the past. For instance, when buying a radiator, check whether it has been cleaned or had a replacement cap.
  • Remove the part and assess its condition. For example, cracks, dents, and rust could affect the functionality of the part. 

The parts should be reasonably priced. Use online resources or contact other wreckers to know the current market value of the part. Remember to ask for discounts when buying wholesale. Reach out to auto wreckers near you to see if they have the parts you need.