Three Terrific Reasons to Use a Car Wrecker When Disposing of Your Car

Manmade things don't last forever, and your car is no exception. It will eventually get old or damaged beyond repair and require removal. A variety of car removal options exist today, and it's important to explore each before deciding on how to get rid of your old or inoperable vehicle. Auto wrecking is one of the best ways to dispose of an unwanted car. Here's why.

Car Wrecking Puts Some Extra Cash in Your Pocket

Every unwanted car still has some economic value left in it. That's why car wreckers offer instant cash for scrap cars. The amount of cash you stand to receive for your car depends on a variety of factors including the size, make, model year and condition of the vehicle.

Generally, you'll get better offers for your car if it has some good parts than if it's mostly scrap metal. It's a good idea to get quotes from multiple wreckers if you intend to attract the highest prices for the vehicle.

Car Wrecking Is a Source of Used Car Parts

If you've contemplated buying used parts for your car at some point, then you may have made a trip to a local auto wrecker yard. Car wreckers strip unwanted cars of all of the reusable parts so they can sell them again.

Used parts appeal to cost-conscious car owners because they're a cheaper alternative to brand-new, store-bought parts. By selling your car to an auto wrecker, you'll be playing a critical part in enabling the supply of used car parts. Plus, you'll be supporting local businesses by reducing the demand for new, imported car parts.

Car Wrecking Promotes Eco-Friendly Disposal of Scrap Cars

Old, abandoned cars are an eyesore, but they're also a silent threat to the environment. When parts from these cars begin to wear down, they release hazardous substances like rust, battery electrolyte and AC coolant into the environment, resulting in contamination of the soil, air and local water resources.  

Car wreckers don't just salvage parts from old cars — they also ensure that hazardous substances are removed in an environmentally safe manner. This helps protect planet Earth and the people that occupy it.

While there are various ways to get rid of your old car, not all can outweigh the benefits that car wrecking provides. Contact a car wrecker near you today to find out how much money they'll offer for your unwanted vehicle. Look for one who specifically wrecks your type of vehicle like a Nissan wrecker