Two steps to follow if you want to keep some parts of the car you’re giving to an auto-wrecker

Auto wreckers do not usually mind if their customers choose to remove and keep some pieces of the vehicles they want to sell to them. If you are thinking about holding onto a few parts of the car you will be giving to your chosen auto wrecker, you should take the steps outlined here.

Wait until you get to the auto wrecker to remove any parts that affect the vehicle's mobility

If there are parts of the car that you wish to keep that play a role in its mobility (such as the wheels, tyres or steering wheel), then you must wait until you have reached the auto wrecker's facility before removing these parts. You should do this even if you're not going to drive the car to the facility but will instead be transporting it on a trailer. The reason for this is that if you remove parts that affect the vehicle's mobility before you have loaded it onto the trailer and taken it to the auto-wrecker, the process of delivering this car to the facility will be unnecessarily difficult.

For example, if you take off the tyres and wheels beforehand, you will struggle to get the vehicle onto the trailer before you set off and to unload it when you get to the facility as you will not be able to roll it forwards or backwards. Likewise, if you remove the steering wheel, you won't be able to position the wheels in a straight position before putting the car onto your trailer or when rolling it off.

Additionally, the premature removal of these mobility-related parts could result in the car being damaged partway through the journey to the auto-wrecker (for example, the removal of the tyres could result in the wheels scraping against the ground and getting scratched), which could then lead to you receiving a lower sum of money from the auto-wrecker.

Ask the auto-wrecker how much the removal of a specific part will affect the price they will pay for the vehicle

If you want to remove a specific component because it is quite valuable (such as the car's high-end stereo system or its air conditioner) and you think you could make a lot of money by selling it, it is worth getting in touch with the auto-wrecker before you remove it.

The reason for this is that the price that the auto-wrecker offers you for the car that comes with this valuable item inside of it may be significantly higher than the amount you would make from selling the car to them without this part and then selling the component separately to another buyer. By asking them about this before you remove the component, you might not only make a bit more money but might also end up saving yourself the hassle of removing this part.

Speak with auto wreckers near you to find out more.